Mushrooming is a Latvian obsession.Mostly, the mushrooms are collected for cooking, canning, and eating, but the activity of foraging in itself is also a bonding exercise amongst family and friends, and a chance to enjoy the natural landscape of Latvia together.
Many Latvians have their own secret spots for where to find the best mushrooms, too – but because not every mushroom you find is actually edible, it’s worth going foraging with somebody who knows their fungi.

Latvia has ancient traditions involving mushrooms. For centuries they been used for eating. Mushroom gathering tradition is well alive and persuaded in Latvia more than in any other European country.
This is for people who enjoy forests, wildlife, local traditions and has a specific interest in the different species of funghi. Everyone could try their hand at mushrooming, identification and by the end of the day together with guide sort out the collected mushrooms.
Tour prices:
For 1 person-100€
For 2 persons-130€
For 3 persons-150€
For 4 and more-request

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