A day tours in Latvia

One-day exciting program in Latvia

Unknown in Latvia! Excursion to the underwater lake, floating castles, farm of ostriches and the highest rock! During the trip you will visit very interesting places, where were only few tourists and what many do not even know …
Excursion to the underwater lake with the opportunity by Yourself to descend into them, after that You will see the floating castles. On the way to the highest rock where witches fly, You will visit an ostriches farm, where you can not only see ostriches but even can buy ostrich eggs. At the end of the tour see how fishes are grown up. During the route it is possible to find a picturesque place and to spend a nice time in a picnic.


Ice cream and chinchillas in Rujiena
Rujienas ice cream factory – acquaintance with the ice cream production process. It produces about 20 different varieties of ice cream. Tasting different varieties of ice cream. Ķoņi. Processing of wool and grain at the mill in Coney
The park and the manor in Naukseni.
Rujiena’s chinchilla – a marvelous meeting with young and cute animals. Return to Riga ~ 8pm.

Fairytale forest of gnomes and witches and horse riding
We are going to see the horses, ride on them, have fun, take pictures and eat in Tērvete. Next will be a fairy-tale forest of gnomes, devils and witches. And as well as lots of fun huts. The approximate additional costs: Ls 5 – 15 on the purchase of souvenirs, lunch, entrance tickets, etc…

Ligatne garden with deer and special underground bunker of the USSR.
Walking through the garden, where you can see 250 different deer and wild boar. Additionally you will have the opportunity to feed the deer. Introduction to Ligatne, a tour to the paper factory.
A visit to the bunker. Let’s look into the secrets of the Soviet Union.

Birini -estate of baron Pistogolodtska (1870), located on the coast of a picturesque lake. The ancient family vault. Visitors can ride on horses, boats and water bikes. Ragana- tomb witches. Igate Manor (1880). Seysky centuries-old oak tree.

Baron Munchausen and his estate.
Dunte – estate of baron. Walk through the well-equipped trails of a “famous” hunter. King boulders – Lauce stone. Saukrasty – White Dune. Potter workshop, where everyone can stay like potter. Bicycle Museum.

 Singing rocks in a r.Salaca. Walk on the bank of the Rive. Salaca. Visiting wooden sculptures that illustrate the tale of Kurbade. Pine werewolf. Stairs desires. Devil’s Cave. Gnomes trail with oak wisdom. Straupe Castle. Wooden witches of Walter Hertz. A visit to an ostrich farm. ( 12 hours).

The magical world of Latgale!
Visiting the Uldevena wooden castle (feudal castle). during the way, stop off at the bakery “Liepkalni” where are baked wonderful bread. Stop for a little rest. For romantics we offer one-hour walk on the Daugava by River boat of Vikings «Lacplesis», for not romance – waiting on the coast.
Livani. Museum of Glass. In search of a miracle we go to the small town of Preili, where you find yourself in a fairy-tale kingdom – Mihaylovgrade. Kingdom brings together two miniature castle in the courtyard, a gallery of dolls and dressing room of the royal court. This is a very popular and unique tourist place of the city. Preili: gallery exhibition of dolls and “Kingdom in miniature”. For those who are interested can take a photo in historical costumes. Time for lunch.
On the way back we will visit Koknese. Visit the castle ruins on the picturesque banks of the Daugava. Once upon a time this place was famous Staburags, which after the construction of HES sank on the bottom of the Daugava.

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