Latvian sanatoriums

The most popular resorts in Latvia are – Belarus, Amber Coast, Jaunkemeri in Jurmala. All of resorts in Latvia have access to the golden beaches in the pine dunes. The sea air, mild climate, curative mud and mineral water, combined with the excellent treatment – contribute to the treatment of many diseases of the body. On the territory of Jurmala are large reserves of therapeutic peat, as well as more than thirty hydrogen sulfide sources. The resort comes with sapropel mud lake Kaņieris. All of this is used for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and metabolism, cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, skin diseases and many others.

Sanatorium “Jaunkemeri”
Resort- rehabilitation center ” Jaunkemeri ” – is located in Jurmala, 36 km from Riga. The rehabilitation center has more than 400 places. It is a multi-rehabilitation center, who in his practice combines modern rehabilitation techniques with traditions of spa treatment – peat mud, hydrogen sulfide, sodium chloride and bromine mineral water. As the advantage of the rehabilitation center need to add a “know-how” resort professionals. In their clinical practice are included the latest methods of functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, Naftalan baths etc. Profile of treatment – heart and vascular diseases, central and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, digestive and reproductive, metabolic disorders.
The following diseases are treated in the sanatorium:
Heart and vascular diseases;
Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system rehabilitation and a complex treatment after;
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
Diseases of the digestive system;
Diseases of the genitourinary system;
Gynecological diseases;
Metabolic diseases.
Depending on the medical condition of the patient is offered an individual rehabilitation plan, which may include the following rehabilitation technology:
Occupational Therapy;
Mud therapy;
Physical therapy;
Diet therapy;
Speech therapist;
Nutrition Specialist.
Particular emphasis is placed on age-related diseases, but there are also younger patients, and families with young children. There is also the proposal for a rest and SPA-service.
For today there are available services like raydterapii (recreational horse-riding), built salt cave for the treatment of patients with asthma and diseases of the central nervous system, spine, joints and gynecological problems.

Sanatorium “Amber Coast”
Amber Coast for a holiday that will benefit your health. There you can relax and spend time in silence. The resort is located at the end of Jurmala, surrounded by pine forests. Peace, nature-all of this will go in your favor for rehabilitation. In sanatorium there is the treatment of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system diseases, gynecological diseases, diseases of the skin and gastrointestinal diseases.
There are available different methods of treatment.
Next to the sanatorium is well with calcium chloride-sodium water.
Consequently, SPA-services-available mud baths, whirlpool baths, massage, herbal medicine, anti-cellulite body wraps iprotsedury magnetic-laser therapy.
Each client has the opportunity to choose a health-wellness program that works best for him, or to consult with doctors who are happy to help to make the right procedures.
If you are a fan of outdoor activities, then we also have a comprehensive sports facilities where you can play tennis, volleyball or badminton. On hot days, anyone can enjoy the salt water of the Gulf of Riga, and after that various concerts and discos are waiting for You.
The resort Amber Coast has rooms with different comfort and space. There are also available suites. Visitors can enjoy the chic and pulse rate in the Baltic breeze cottage, where is located the VIP-room.
The main building offers a pool, sauna and bicycles for hire. There are also organized different tournaments of billiards, checkers and chess.
Leisure, fun and treatment. An ideal place for everyone.

Sanatorium “Belarus”
The Resort and Rehabilitation Sanatorium “Belarus” is located in Jurmala city, 200 meters from the sea and 20 km from Riga. Sanatorium “Belarus” in Jurmala is for rehabilitation and treatment of patients with various diseases and prevention.
In this excellent resort-sanatorium You can: restore strength, improve health, go through prevention and rehabilitation of various diseases. Visitors are advised to the best health treatments and packages using only the latest technology of medicine, as well as services for maximum wellness.
Our experts have developed a special treatment program:
circulatory system
digestive system
Endocrine and Metabolism
Skin and subcutaneous tissue
musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
nervous system
figure correction
There are offered:
mud therapy
Consultations of medical specialists
Vacuum therapy
Physical therapy
Functional diagnostics
Lymphatic drainage
Stomatology (dental fillings, tooth extraction itd)
In the price are included :
Room of the selected category
Meals of the selected menu
The doctor’s consultation
Procedures (based on a recomandations of doctor)
Additional services :
Spa & Wellness Centre
Free Wi-Fi
Non-smoking rooms
Shuttle service from / to the airport
Facilities for guests with disabilities
Service is available in Russian and Latvian.

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