Individual Tours

Individual sightseeing tour in Riga at any day – 35,00 EUR / pers
Walking tour in the city at night – 35,00 EUR / pers
Thanks to the tour, you will see Riga in a completely new colors and you will can to fit in to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. You will walk through the narrow streets of Riga and feel the breath of the past centuries. This night you will remembered for a long time and you would like to come back again!
After the tour you can visit a music club, internet café or enjoy a coffee in the cozy café’s silence.
The excursion time: 2.5-3 hours.

LATVIAN SWITZERLAND – Sigulda – 70.00 EUR / pers
Sigulda is one of the most beautiful places in Latvia, which is located 53 kilometers from Riga. A place where many-century old medieval castles fits in the beautiful untouched nature. Not in vain this region is called the Latvian Switzerland. In the 13th century there were built 3 castles: Zegevold (1207), Turaida (1214) and Cremona (1252).
During the tour you will hear the history of this region. We will visit the ruins of a castle Zegevold. After rising up to the North and South towers, and passing along the walls of fortifications, we will plunge into the medieval atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy the unique scenery, which opens from a castle tower on the ancient Gauja River valley and the estate of Kropotkins.
We will visit with you Turaida Museum and castle.
On the Forum of European museums in Barcelona, the museum was awarded with a special diploma of recognition for achievement and a sign of the winner, which is presented annually to the top 10 museums in Europe.
We will visit with you the bishop’s castle and learn how to build castles. We will see the medieval prison and an office of the bishop. You will walk through the valley of dainas and will see the fishing cellar.
Now Sigulda is a part of the Gauja National Park, which is the oldest and largest in Latvia. Its area – 917.45 square kilometers.
We will visit with you a Gutmana cave and you will be able to touch the Devonian sandstone, which is formed 410 million.years ago.
The scenic banks of rapid river Gauja connects with the cable car (1060 m) and, if you would like, you can also try to go by the cable car.
You will hear many medieval legends and stories about the history of this region.
The hilly coasts, sandy caves, ruins of ancient castles make the trip to Sigulda unforgettable!

Excursion to the city of “Jurmala» – 60.00 EUR / pers
The time of tour – ~ 4 hours
Jurmala – the oldest resort in Europe.
The main characterity object of Jurmala city – a sculpture of a turtle, facing the sea in the center of Jurmala – on Majori station. It is a symbol of antiquity and wisdom.
And, although its origins resort takes back in the XIX century, when here came the rich landowners of Courland, and later, after the Russian-French war, to take a rest in Jurmala went Russian officers, to improve their health and get some fresh air – in a close place, inexpensive, and most importantly, no worse than in Baden-Baden.
Modern Jurmala – this is famous competition of young singers “New Wave”, and the magnificent wood architecture and open-air museum, and the famous street. Jomas, and the villa of President of Latvia, and the summer residence of the Russian Embassy, and the magnificent summer residence of an aristocrat Morberga, and much more…

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